The benefits of using a secret weapon

Benefits Of Articlemarketingrobot

Ultimate Feature #1
"Sign Up to Hundreds of Laser-Targetted Article Directories With A Single Mouse Click - Then Confirm All The Confirmation Emails Instantly and Automatically..."

  • Manually signing up to article directories is very easy if you only have one or two to do, but if you have over 1000 of them, then that becomes a daunting task.
  • Confirming the confirmation emails would probably make your fingers fall off with all the mouse clicking you need to do.
  • Article Marketing Robot takes care of all the manual labour of creating accounts and confirming the emails!
  • You will be signed up and confirmed in a matter of minutes.
  • View the end result of the signup process by clicking the Result button.
Article Marketing Robot has sophisticated article directory signup functionality built into it that will make getting started super easy. All you need to do is create an Author Account with a valid email address and you will be ready to go.

Ultimate Feature #2
"Rewrite Your Articles Using Article Marketing Robot's Intelligent SpinnerThat Will Sort Your Synonyms By Definition..."
  • Getting lost finding the appropriate synonyms for a word that has multiple meanings?
  • Don't bother sorting through hundreds of words that don't make sense!
  • Article Marketing Robot sorts by definition, for faster, easier spinning.
  • Nested Spinning that goes to unlimited depths!
  • Tab through your article and rewrite each word efficiently
  • Synonym Groups store your previously used synonyms

Article Marketing Robot has the best spinner built right into it that money can buy. Simply put, there is no other software that does what our spinner does.

Can you imagine sorting through hundreds of words that don't have anything to do with the current word you are spinning?

Article Marketing Robot makes this super easy by sorting all your words by their meaning, so all you need to do is select the ones you like. It truly is a no-brainer.

Plus, Article Marketing Robot stores your previously used words, called Synonym Groups, so you can just Mass Replace those words in future article rewriting sessions.

Also, you get tabbed navigation which will speed up your rewriting.

Ultimate Feature #3
"Scheduled Article Submission That Will Dripfeed OR Blast Your Spun Articles All Over The Web..."
  • Spin on Submit allows you to place your spin syntax in your article and then submit away. Article Marketing Robot will spin on the fly.
  • Create article submissions on YOUR schedule. Submit 5 articles every 24 hours, or 20 articles every one hour. Anything you want.
  • Start the submission X amount of days from now.
  • Multi-Threaded support will ensure your articles are blasted at an extremely fast rate.

What is the point of having one software that does spinning and another one that does submission?

There is no point! That just creates extra work for you, plus then you have to transfer all your data back and forth between software, and then make them all work together.

Forget that!

Article Marketing Robot will submit your articles that are written in it's Article Editor. What more could you ask for?

And it does this on demand. If you have spin syntax in your article, AMR will spin it on submit.

Press the submit button. Let Article Marketing Robot do all the hard work.

Lets Look at Some Killer Features:
  • LiveLink Reporting - AMR logs in to your Account and finds your published articles.
  • RSS XML Exporting - Take your LiveLinks and submit them an RSS Submitter.
  • Nested Article Spinning - Place spin syntax inside of spin syntax.
  • Spin On Submit - AMR automatically spins your article during submission.
  • Autoblogging - Blast to all your own niche WordPress blogs!
  • Scheduled Article Directory Submission - Works on YOUR timeframe.
  • Automated Author Account Creation - Hundreds of accounts auto-created.
  • Automate Email Confirmation - Confirm hundreds of emails with a single click.
  • Article Import / Export - Write an article and send it for easy import.
  • Captcha Solving - Those squiggly lines of text, solved! (Provided by Decaptcher or DeathByCaptcha)
  • Ultra-Fast Multi-Threading - What used to take hours is now done in minutes.
  • Insanely Powerful Aricle Rewriting - Words can't even express how good it is.
  • Hundreds of Article Directories - AMR current supports five highly used article directory templates!
  • TeamViewer Certified Technical Support - 100% Customer Satisfaction.
Article Marketing Robot is extremely powerful and robust. The technology and power built into this unbelievable article marketing tool is second to none.

Imagine having complete control over what articles you submit, when they are submitted, and where they go to, yet it is all completely automated.
Your website will crawl up in the ranks of the search engines while you sleep.


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