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"I find this software AMAZING"

I find this software AMAZING. I did my first run last night, running it on WinXP 64 bit on a Mac (using VMware / Parallels)... the first run, it submitted to approximately 800 directories and first thing this morning I found the article on over 200 directories already.

I timed it today when I submitted another article under another author name. It took about 6 minutes to create all the accounts and it took 8:39 seconds to submit to 867 directories. I've bought three other automated article submission software programs and none of them come as close in ease of usage, efficacy and SPEED.

This is AWESOME Vince.
hjaynes @ wf

"... Article Marketing Robot is the best... "

Vince spent some time putting together a great program. Article Marketing Robot is the best. I am currently rocking page one on all three Google, Bing, Yahoo...what more could I ask for?

Dennis (zenji @ wf)

"... the software is brilliant! ..."

Ok, I set up an email only hosting account just for this so I could have a direct email instead of using gmail etc.

I have to say this...the software is brilliant! The price is amazing! And Vince's support is fast and awesome. What an incredible time saver. I love this!

no I am not Vince's cousin :)
LilBlackDress @ wf

"... don't waste anymore time pondering. Just buy it and use it!"

Wow is all I can say! As Mark Dickenson said earlier, this is the BEST article submission software by far. 
I was lazy to use a cpanel email address and used one of my Gmail accounts. So I obviously got a low sign up rate. But I'm not complaining as I got over 650 accounts confirmed. That was y'day!
Today I submitted 2 articles in 2 niches. When I searched for my unique Pen name on Google, already I have 5 of my articles indexed and this is within minutes. This is truly unbelievable and Thank you for a great software.
If I can discipline myself to do 2 fresh submissions every week per niche, I should start seeing long term benefits!

Thanks for a great software Vince!

P.S. I'm not the kind of guy that leaves a positive feedback for every item that I buy. I asked for a refund for a product that I was not happy with just the other day. But this one is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Do you want some more money Vince?

Those who are on the fence... don't waste anymore time pondering. Just buy it and use it!

Chucky @ wf

"... It saves me hours!"

I have used the trial version so far and I am very pleased with the results! I have blasted a spun article (Inbuild spinner works great) to about 400 sites and 10 hours later, when I google an extract from the article bio, Google picks up over 40 sites that has my article. In a few days when all the articles get accepted and when Google spiders pick it up, I will really see the value of this great software. It saves me hours!

I am going to go pick up the full version of this soon. Thanks for the great product.

bertuseng @ wf

"... i'm getting traffic back that converts ... "

I'd like to add my endorsement to this product as well. It's definitely a huge hit in my book as I do use it regularly and i'm getting traffic back that converts. At the end of the day that's all that really matters, isn't it?

Kael41 @ wf

"It's the best article submitter on the market."

It's the best article submitter on the market. I sent an article yesterday and within minutes it was #1 on the first page of google and it was on the first page several times as well. Now published to over 800 directories.

That's the thing about AMR and why it's the best. When you talk about submitting articles that's what it does and it works unlike other article submitters that are full of bugs, mostly dead directories and never get updated. AMR works every time.

If article marketing is your main business in internet marketing then you can't live without this program. Paying for this program is a no brainer for any serious article marketer as I'm sure if you're good at this the monthly fee will pay for itself with sales.

david wright @ bhw


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